When I got Game Maker for the first time, I had no idea how games were created. Mind you, I thought you simply selected from a group of graphics, setup simple things like “menu setup” and “moving system” and you were good. Soon I realized just how, not hard per say, but different game making was compared to what I thought. Knowing this, it took a lot of work, frustration and I’m sure I felt like giving up at times, but in the end, I created my first successful game. A very pointless game, but it was still my first.

Basically, the way the game worked was simple. It’s a maze game with a ball that moves around. It can change to three different colors. It starts out blue, then red and green (random orders, of course). Your goal is to click on the ball enough times to gain points and move onto the next level. If you click the ball when it’s blue, you gain a point. If it’s red you lose a point, and if it’s green you gain bonus points.


Here’s the thread which I created to promote my first game: Click the ball

If you would like to download it and play it, click here. It’s an executable, so it will behave like a normal program like Paint or Notepad. Click here to download (2.31 MB)

Screenshots of the game