Every website has a contact page, and mine shouldn’t be any different! Below is my email address which you can use to communicate with me. Send me your questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, complaints or general feedback about my website, my computer games, my videos or anything else really.

My email:

One thing to keep in mind will be my Mission. I will have limited Internet access throughout my Mission. I will only be allowed to email my parents once a week, probably, and check a few sites like banking and the church website. No Facebook, no fun games or editing my website. Just emails. So if you do email me this Summer when I’ll probably be gone, I will not personally see your email nor reply to it. However, my parents will have access to my emails, so if there is a problem with my website or you have a suggestion, don’t be afraid to contact me as my parents will see it.

To find out what’s going on with me during my Mission, see my Mission blog. It’s the Mission menu item above. Or click here if it’s broken or whatever.

Please note that I may not reply within 24 hours of your email, especially if you send it during the weekend, during an Easter/Christmas break, when I have several days worth of activities/projects, or when I’m otherwise unable to access my computer, the Internet or my emails. But I do get to them eventually.