What started from a personal web page in the mid-2000s with a lengthy URLĀ has become this semi-awkward multi-purpose personal and semi-professional website that I have hosted my projects on and attempted to use as a sort of portfolio for jobs and colleges. There has been a very unusual yet quite frankly boring history-like timeline of the progress of this website, which amuses me the older I get and the more I look back. Below, I shall attempt to summarize the interesting and semi-useful/trivial parts of this website’s history. Perhaps you can relate to parts of my struggles and “adventures” as a teenager in the growing Internet world.

Over a decade ago I joined an online forum community that was located at a forum provider’s support forum named ProBoards Support. Seeing how someone close to my age had started this service inspired me to try to start my own website business, which did not take off well as I was not mature enough to truly appreciate the jobs of entrepreneurship. So it wasn’t too long before I started to utilize my web page as an archive-like site for word documents such as book reports and wiki-like articles on topics of interest. Seeing no live audience reactions, my teenage-self lost motivation.

The rest of the timeline isn’t any more interesting; my focus changed to other projects including indie personal computer game development and basic youtube-quality video content production. My website hosted these projects and became a portfolio. Just after becoming a legal adult in the United States, I made the decision to volunteer for the church I attended as a representative. My church sends out young adults across the world for a length of time between eighteen months and two years. I became assigned the latter and was to follow policies set by my church that prevented me from accessing my web page during this volunteer experience. So for two years, my website remained unchanged.
It is now 2017; my volunteering experience completed in 2014 and since then I have found ways to stay active and useful in the world as a young adult. I got married recently and have started a family of my own. What will become of this website? I hope to use this as a portal for my projects, especially my more recent and any future work that I wish to put on display for portfolio purposes. Many jobs that I am interested in getting involved with, as well as most colleges with special art or software programs, require a website hosting any examples of my work. Thus, this website is going to be primarily for this purpose, but I may add a miscellaneous or fun page on here now and then.
This is my summary of the timeline and history of my website. It is fun to see how something that is personal to you or means a lot changes throughout the years and makes the future of its life become more interesting.