My life story probably isn’t any more interesting than the history of my website is. However, I am sure there are some who may be curious to know how I grew up and my interests and experiences so far, especially as my portfolio is built up through my projects and involvement with the community. Plus I’m sure that those who I interacted with during my two-year church voluntary service may find some of the content interesting. And of course, in the future, I will appreciate looking back at my website and seeing my own perspective of my life’s history and future.

Early years

As a child, my interests varied depending on what kind of career seemed interesting to me at the time. I went through the farmer phase when I was very young, spent quite a few years attempting to become a professional children’s book author, by writing stories on a word document using an old Windows 98 machine. I even went through the firefighter and police officer stages before realizing that just wasn’t me. Eventually, the computer became an option for entertainment and education, and I quickly adopted to the early technologies involved, including basic website programming.

Teenage years

After attempting to start a web creation and hosting business (with no business experience and being so young), I changed focus from web development to computer game development. I used a simply drag-and-drop software interface to create very basic games for a few years before I concluded with one last focus as a teenager, youtube video production. I really got into the art of filmmaking, from storylines to filming with green screens and editing with software. My computer games and youtube videos are mostly still up on the internet, and most of those are showcased on this website, via navigation of the menu above.

While I have defined myself as a software/gaming geek, I do enjoy outdoor recreation as well. The most significant involvement has been with the Boy Scouts of America, of which I was able to obtain the Eagle Scout award. I have fond memories of camping; I remember when I was around 15 years of age, having fun building snow caves, taking hikes in the forest and next to frozen lakes, earning many merit badges, dealing with terrible weather, and so on.

Of course, I have also been a bit of a bookworm growing up, having read multiple children’s and teen’s chapters such as the Hardy Boys collection. I have not gotten into reading in about a decade now, as my interests with computer technology have unfortunately dominated my attention. However, I do hope to get back into reading someday, when the tablet world either becomes well established or eventually evolves back into the micro dust land of dial-up and AOL.