History of this website

What started from a personal web page in the mid-2000s with a lengthy URL has become this semi-awkward multi-purpose personal and semi-professional website that I have hosted my projects on and attempted to use as a sort of portfolio for jobs and colleges. There has been a very unusual yet quite frankly boring history-like timeline of the progress of this website, which amuses me the older I get and the more I look back. I shall attempt to summarize the interesting and semi-useful/trivial parts of this website’s history. Perhaps you can relate to parts of my struggles and “adventures” as a teenager in the growing Internet world.

The history of this website.


About me

My life story probably isn’t any more interesting than the history of my website is. However, I am sure there are some who may be curious to know how I grew up and my interests and experiences so far, especially as my portfolio is built up through my projects and involvement with the community. Plus I’m sure that those who I interacted with during my two-year church voluntary service may find some of the content interesting. And of course, in the future, I will appreciate looking back at my website and seeing my own perspective of my life’s history and future.

All about the website admin, Robert.



If you are looking for my resume, I have a basic one in the resume page, which does not contain personal information. I also have a work experience page that is more of a journal or blog style of my experiences working but may still be useful for those interested. If you wish to receive an official resume from me, please contact me with who you are and why you want one.